What’s up with the weather?

Posted by on November 6, 2012 • < 1

So what is up with the weather? Whether it’s winter in November in Jo’burg or a late, late, late summer sigh in California; a 1000 km wide hurricane in the US or hailstones the size of cricket balls on the East Rand – what is going on? I think it is something to do with the craziness we have all bought into. The madness that is out there, the tumult of promises and betrayals from leaders, the compulsive consumption from those who should save, the skewed focus on anything but the ones we should love. Grab, grab, grab. Gobble, gobble, gobble. And now the earth is burbing on...

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What are my characters doing?

Posted by on October 23, 2012 • 2 minute read

It is 5.30am on a cool spring morning. The sky is still huddling under a blanket of cloud but it is light outside. I am still not used to waking to anything but a cloak of darkness and spring light surprises me every day. I woke at 4.20am worrying and wondering about a myriad of things. Like: what am I doing today? And: remember to check the canteen of cutlery (my daughter had a group of friends over on Saturday and I have visions of them throwing forks and teaspoons away with the scraps from their plates.) Also: did I pay that bill? And: should I study next year?  But what keeps me awake...

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Where Did September Go?

Posted by on October 2, 2012 • 2 minute read

I cannot believe that an entire month went by and I did not post one entry on this blog. It made me consider how time does fly when you’re having fun. September is for me a month of hope. It heralds the end of winter. Even if the weather does not play with, the mornings start getting noticeably lighter earlier and there’s that feeling of lightness that creeps into everything I do. This year Spring has had a cooler start, the crisp mornings reminding us that winter was not that long ago. But the scents from the Jasmine, Syringa blossoms, and the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow chase...

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Do you hear your heart?

Posted by on August 30, 2012 • 2 minute read

When did I stop being honest with myself? Was it when the need to do something “important” trumped the desire to do what I loved? Did I let my ego gain control of my life and twist its claws into my soul, squeezing the life out of it and leaving it for dead? That poor soul, so frightened, so caught up in the material and status gains that it hid away making endless excuses for why it was subjecting itself to this torture. It is really difficult to be totally honest. I find it downright painful, in fact. It is much easier to preen in front of the mirror of my conscience and tell...

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Do I smell spring?

Posted by on August 22, 2012 • < 1

Here in Jo’burg the air is getting decidedly warmer. I don’t have to wear a jacket every time I go out. I feel lighter. The August wind is still tugging at the last determined leaves, yellow and wilting, that hang onto the branches. It is not a cold wind and will, in a few weeks time bring the first welcome rains. I often find the need to go into social hibernation during the cold months. My energy levels dip, I find it difficult to summon the desire to engage and socialize. I spend evenings and weekends hiding behind a book or staring at the TV. And I sleep a lot. This winter...

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The joys of change

Posted by on August 17, 2012 • 2 minute read

I have very recently been reminded of that very uncomfortable process called “Change”. I thought I was just having a few sleepless nights, premenstrual mood swings and unpleasant aches and pains. What is actually happening is that I am turning into gloop, like the caterpillar before he becomes a butterfly. Gloop.This is not my expression, Martha Beck wrote a fabulous article for O, The Oprah Magazine, called The Flying Game, all about the change cycle. And may I say that it is uncomfortable, ugly, messy and sore. So I am squarely in Phase One, turning into Gloop. Did I say it was...

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