Leaving the best for last

I was wondering, if I love writing so much, why do I leave it to the last thing I do in the day? Well, not completely the last - I do journal in the morning and jot down interesting tidbits during the day when I wait for clients or sit with a few unusual spare moments in my day. Still, I leave writing on Facebook, Twitter or now, my blog, until the sun is going down. Is it because I feel that the busyness of the day has come to an end? That there is a gap to take a breath, relax, as if with a cocktail on a deep verandah, and watch the words fly across the screen like swallows grabbing their last meal, as the sun dips its hat at me and slides away?

I know that there are days that I do not have the time at this time, my favourite, of the day. Sometimes I dash in, change, dash out. To yoga, or dinner, or a function. Or when we have company. It is rude to huddle in my office at the top of the stairs tapping away while guests sit twirling empty glasses below.

Or do I leave the best of the day for last? Like dessert, or the tastiest morsel on my plate, or my favourite, favourite chocolate eaten curled up on a comfortable chair, with a mug of tea, while I watch CSI, or The Mentalist or NCIS.

How do you fit in doing your favourite things? Do you do them as soon as you can? Diving in head first, leaving the banality, the mundane to another time? So what if your driver's license is about to expire, or the taxman is demanding his return, if the sun is shining, do you go for that swim? How does it feel to splash and play while life taps his authoritative toe at the edge?

And how do you slip back into your clothes and stand in that line again?


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