Life beyond the crossroads looks like…

What is your crossroads? What dilemma, difficult decision or conundrum do you face? Our country sure faces a big one. The Dinokeng Scenarios offered up the three choices: Walk apart; walk behind or walk together. We have 'walked apart' several times since the scenarios were drafted in 2009. Leadership has often appeared unaccountable. As a result, citizens have lost patience and erupted into unrest and protest. Think service delivery protests, student uprisings, xenophobia, Marikana.

The need to 'walk together' is becoming increasingly urgent.

Then there is the uncomfortable sense of the state wanting us to 'walk behind'. It keeps pushing an agenda for more intervention and control, giving lip service to the need to grow employment while increasing dependence on it in the form of grants. It treats its citizens as if they were children who need to be rescued and protected, not adults, intelligent and resourceful enough to make our own decisions and find our own solutions.

The need to 'walk together' is becoming increasingly urgent. This depends on the will and ability of citizens to organise themselves and engage with authorities. It also asks for a political leadership that is willing to engage citizens. Yet government seems only to listen when the courts call on it to, and even then there are signs of increasing deafness. A common vision for a #FlourishingSouthAfrica was formed with the National Development Plan. Many civil organisations have since formed to raise the voice of the unheard and to propel government to 'walk together'.

I have joined this group of people. On Day 2 of the Community Building workshop I committed to being the possibility that ignites the potential in others to become, with me, Active Citizens for a #FlourishingSouthAfrica. What does this mean? I am not going to start something new. I am going to join the voices of those who are already working at this. Through this blog, social media, and by connecting with others. Inch by inch I believe I can help change the narrative. I have started focusing on the flip side of the downward spiral conversation. I have started to build appreciation in all my interactions. I am considering what gifts I have held in exile that I can use to build community.

Life beyond the crossroads looks like this for me: hundreds, thousands of small groups gathering together to work on what they want to change in their communities. Calling on the gifts of that community and not waiting for government, big business or 'labour leaders'. All of these working towards a #FlourishingSouthAfrica, a #FlourishingAfrica, a #FlourishingWorld. And so the upward spiral turns.

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