Being coached

For me, being coached gave me the privilege of having my very own learning partner. Someone who focused solely on me for 1.5hrs a month over a period of 10 months, giving me 15 hours of intense one on one work. The accelerated learning, the opportunity to embed it in the spaces between the sessions, the thrill of being exposed to something new, of being asked questions I had never encountered before, the excuse to exercise my head and my heart are all the reasons I became a coach.

Not everyone understands what coaching is and how it works. I go to a private pilates instructor twice a week. I have to get up at 5am to get my chores done in time for me to get to the gym by 6am. Here I immerse myself in the flow of the positions of my body. I concentrate on getting the movements right, the engagement of certain muscles, where my eyes are, am I breathing? I do it on myself, for myself but always knowing that I have the eye of a committed partner trained on my every move; straightening a leg here, adjusting an arm there, checking that I am feeling the exertion in the right place and not forcing or over extending in any other. Ensuring that my alignment is correct and my breathing assists the movement and does not hinder it. She is an almost unobtrusive guide, gently perfecting and pushing, shaping and training each muscle group so they work together to better support, protect and enhance my physical, mental and even spiritual health.

This is how I see coaching. The coachee has to commit to pitching up, on time, ready and in the frame of mind to do the work. The coach guides, engages, pushes, challenges, adjusts and moves the coachee through a series of processes, question frameworks, physical movements, and silence to explore, surface, hone and perfect what is hidden there already. Bringing it to the surface to accept, change, improve or simply maintain what is already a strengthened attribute or behaviour.

The coachee arrives willing and prepared, the coach arrives willing, open, curious and prepared. Together they embark on a journey. One and a half hours today, a lifetime of change tomorrow.

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