Where Did September Go?

I cannot believe that an entire month went by and I did not post one entry on this blog. It made me consider how time does fly when you're having fun.

September is for me a month of hope. It heralds the end of winter. Even if the weather does not play with, the mornings start getting noticeably lighter earlier and there's that feeling of lightness that creeps into everything I do. This year Spring has had a cooler start, the crisp mornings reminding us that winter was not that long ago. But the scents from the Jasmine, Syringa blossoms, and the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow chase each other around the garden, making a potpourri of delight in the air.

September was a good month for me. Despite that desperate negativity happening at the mines, the conniving going on at Luthuli House, and the disdain with which those in power react to the people they lead, it was a good month for me.

It was busy in an energising way. The best part of it was visiting Cape Town on the best weekend they have had this Spring. The weather was sublime. Cape Town spun her mystical magic on us as she always does when in her prime. She beguiled us and as we left she closed the curtains to the sky and drizzled miserably.

And then it was October, a hop and a skip to December. I want to put the brakes on. Freeze the minutes ticking relentlessly by and hold on to the scraps of joy that whip by as the dull thud of striking workers, the mean increases that stretch pockets to breaking point, and the invisible leaders guffawing at our expense threaten to derail any ray of hope.

I wish for calm heads, compassionate leaders and a sense of belonging. For everyone. Here's to a good summer too.

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