Do I smell spring?

Here in Jo'burg the air is getting decidedly warmer. I don't have to wear a jacket every time I go out. I feel lighter. The August wind is still tugging at the last determined leaves, yellow and wilting, that hang onto the branches. It is not a cold wind and will, in a few weeks time bring the first welcome rains.

I often find the need to go into social hibernation during the cold months. My energy levels dip, I find it difficult to summon the desire to engage and socialize. I spend evenings and weekends hiding behind a book or staring at the TV. And I sleep a lot.

This winter has been a difficult one on many levels, personal, business and emotional. Dealing with the never-ending negativity coming out of our newspapers is exhausting and last week's tragedy was crippling. None of us can hide from the ugly mirror held up to us as a nation and the severe lack of strong, deliberate leadership on all levels is woeful. All our President can do is declare a week of national mourning. Who listens anymore when he speaks? All he is good for is organizing weddings and funerals. The union leadership is rudderless and business mute.

For all of this I wonder whether the spring will bring with it renewed vigour to address our flailing state or will it serve to ignite more fury at being ignored?

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