The end of a fabulous two weeks.

I feel quite sad that the Olympics is over. I have spent a large part of the last two weeks staring at everything from weightlifting to synchronized rhythmic gymnastics. I missed the synchronized swimming and I'm quite upset about that. Not that I think that synchronized swimming is in any way a sport (something like synchronized rhythmic gymnastics) but it is amazing to watch the perfection with which a group of girls can almost drown themselves and look good at the same time.

My favorites were the swimming (helps if you win a few gold medals too), the athletics, except when Caster nearly gave me heart failure lying last for much of her 800 metres; the gymnastics in all its forms - you cannot get more perfect than that, and the synchronized diving - watch that splash!

I was less enamoured by the dressage. Even though the horses look fabulous, I can't quite understand the scoring system. And as for the archery, shooting and ping pong, well paint drying is probably more entertaining. (A big apology to all those who think otherwise) I truly believe that the beach volleyball is only there for the eye candy it offers and who on earth thought that adding golf and tennis to this wonderful event would make any sense other than more money for those already earning too much?!

I loved these Olympics, I loved coming home and collapsing on the couch to watch, mesmerized, whatever was on (and we had a choice of 4 or 5 offerings at any one time!). I loved not venturing out on the coldest weekend this winter, but staying indoors eating soup and drinking wine and cheering on the last person to finish the 1500m.  I loved oohing and aahing at those rhythmic gymnasts that make Circ du Soleil look boring. I loved shouting at the commentators for routinely getting the names wrong, or the countries, (in the case of the final men's rowing). I loved every minute of it and now it is done.

I am off to sulk for the next four years.

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