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Taking that leap

This morning I met up with a friend I made in difficult, searching times. I so admire her, she is intelligent, strong, tenacious, beautiful, courageous. She did what so many dream of doing but never find the will or the strength to: she left her high-paying, status, corporate job to start a  small restaurant. She…


I spent the weekend doing something very unusual – for me. I slept late, lay around, gazed at the TV catching up on every programme On Demand that looked interesting, watched the Opening of the Olympics that I recorded, fast forwarding through the boring bits (there have to be boring bits when something is over…

Leaving the best for last

I was wondering, if I love writing so much, why do I leave it to the last thing I do in the day? Well, not completely the last – I do journal in the morning and jot down interesting tidbits during the day when I wait for clients or sit with a few unusual spare…

Our stories, our lives

Everyone has a story. What is yours? As the clock ticks above me, I sit in front of the laptop fingers poised to type. A story. Maybe. I have a painting that an old family friend painted. We chose it as our wedding gift. I chose it, I don’t think Craig had much say, he…