Partners for Possibility

We work with Partners for Possibility, an NPO, with the vision: Quality education for all children in South Africa by 2025. Business leaders are matched with school principals from under resourced schools and are taken through a year-long leadership development programme.


Partners for Possibility (PfP) is the flagship programme of Symphonia for South Africa (SSA). SSA is a national NPO & PBO, based in Bellville, Cape Town, with a bold and audacious vision: Quality education for all children in South Africa by 2025.

“In today’s complex and fast-changing society, leadership is particularly challenging, whether in a school or any other institution. School principals are expected to be visionary and ethical role models who nurture and care for learners, educators and the community. PfP provides an indispensable bridge so that both principals and business leaders share these qualities, the responsibility of leading change at a school and to enrich lives. Through this process business leaders and principals develop new skills, insights and a passion for change.”
Pravin Gordhan, South African Minister of Finance

The countrywide programme, matches business partners with principals from under-resourced schools and takes them through a year-long intensely experiential leadership development programme. Partners are grouped into Leadership Circles of 8-10 partnerships facilitated by a Learning Process Facilitator (LPF). The LPF guides the participants through the programme, provides coaching to the business partner and principal, and facilitates monthly Community of Practice sessions.

Chantal became an LPF in 2015. She facilitated the learning journey of a circle of nine partnerships. Principals came from schools from Randfontein, Magaliesburg, Krugersdorp, Cosmo City, Soweto and Diepsloot. She is currently facilitating her second circle in 2016.

2015 Partners for Possibility LPF circle

Her involvement in PfP has been life-changing. It dramatically shifted her view of the education challenges in this country. The media teems with reports of disinterested and lazy principals that are under qualified to do their job. Chantal found that it is the very opposite, principals are highly educated and hugely committed. However, their schools are largely under resourced and they operate in a very complex environment impacted by many socio-economic challenges.

The work CDC does for Partners for Possibility is our passion. Find out more about PfP’s ground breaking work.

“Sometimes we focus on moaning, but there’s far more nobility in taking the initiative and doing something about education. There is a very clear link between educational inequality and societal inequality, and the efforts of PfP are really about lighting a candle and improving people’s lives. Business must be commended for its involvement in PfP and I encourage many others to become involved in the future.”
Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector of South Africa

LPF circle presentation

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