CDC develops and facilitate bespoke workshops specific to the needs of the client. Our workshops are built on the premise that we learn through rich experiences, deep reflection and interactive engagement.


We work with teams to raise awareness of the inhibitors to success and to find ways to work better together.  Change management, strategic planning and working with uncertainty are all areas of expertise. We also work with performing teams who wish to go to the next level and build on their successes.

“The key to creating or transforming community, then, is to see the power in the small but important elements of being with others.”
Peter Block

Our work is integrative, creative and outcomes based. The work integrates the individual and his/her inner world and how this presents itself in the outer world through behaviours and actions. The impact of interpersonal relations and the individuals’ and group’s impact on the system – the work environment, is layered over this for a comprehensive result and workable action plans.

Integrated, holistic leadership development and peak performance programmes combine workshops, coaching and EFT.

World Cafe workshops

Chantal Dawtrey has, amongst others, facilitated World Café workshops. World Café is an easy to use methodology for collaborative workshops around well-crafted questions specific to the work context. World Café conversations are based on the principles and format developed by the World Café, a global movement to support conversations that matter in corporate, government, and community settings around the world.

“When groups begin to operate from a real future possibility, they start to tap into a different social field from the one they normally experience. It manifests through a shift in the quality of thinking, conversing, and collective action. When that shift happens, people can connect with a deeper source of creativity and knowing and move beyond the patterns of the past.”
Otto Scharmer

Structure of beliefs

Matthew Green presents a workshops called the Structure of beliefsEverything we do in life is based on what we believe. Typically we didn’t create all our beliefs, many were given to us. The workshop is interactive and participants have fun experimenting with what is “real or not”. They learn about how beliefs are formed and the role they play in creating our life situations. We examine how it is possible to easily let go of old, outdated, beliefs and plant new more supportive and affirming ones. In addition the workshop explores on how this work can augment whatever anyone is currently doing.  It is a complimentary tool and process which can (and does) support and assist anyone with what they’re currently doing. 

Together Chantal and Matthew facilitate workshops based on Peter Block’s Structure of belonging work.

Other modalities and processes that have been incorporated into workshops:

  • Otto Scharmer’s U Theory;
  • EFT to surface limiting beliefs and unblock stuck states;
  • Systemic constellation work.


Workshops January 16, 2017

I got the impression that we formed a “United Front” – fantastic.

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