Taking that leap

Posted by on July 31, 2012 • 2 minute read

This morning I met up with a friend I made in difficult, searching times. I so admire her, she is intelligent, strong, tenacious, beautiful, courageous. She did what so many dream of doing but never find the will or the strength to: she left her high-paying, status, corporate job to start a  small restaurant. She loves to cook, you see, so she looked life in the face and leaped. Oh, she planned and budgeted. She did her numbers. She knew how many cups of coffee she would need to sell, how many meals, and just how many pieces of cutlery she could expect to lose, to make a profit. Yup,...

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Posted by on July 30, 2012 • 2 minute read

I spent the weekend doing something very unusual – for me. I slept late, lay around, gazed at the TV catching up on every programme On Demand that looked interesting, watched the Opening of the Olympics that I recorded, fast forwarding through the boring bits (there have to be boring bits when something is over 3 hours long!), and flicked through some swimming, diving, gymnastics, soccer, cycling, and weightlifting (yes, weightlifting – what would the Olympics be without the clean and jerk?) I never spend a weekend slothing but this weekend I was sick. Sick? Me? I never get sick....

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Leaving the best for last

Posted by on July 27, 2012 • 2 minute read

I was wondering, if I love writing so much, why do I leave it to the last thing I do in the day? Well, not completely the last – I do journal in the morning and jot down interesting tidbits during the day when I wait for clients or sit with a few unusual spare moments in my day. Still, I leave writing on Facebook, Twitter or now, my blog, until the sun is going down. Is it because I feel that the busyness of the day has come to an end? That there is a gap to take a breath, relax, as if with a cocktail on a deep verandah, and watch the words fly across the screen like swallows grabbing...

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Our stories, our lives

Posted by on July 24, 2012 • < 1

Title Our stories, our lives Everyone has a story. What is yours? As the clock ticks above me, I sit in front of the laptop fingers poised to type. A story. Maybe. I have a painting that an old family friend painted. We chose it as our wedding gift. I chose it, I don’t think Craig had much say, he just went along with me. It is a painting done in oils, in a pointillist style, of a river running through a field of wild flowers. The main colour is blue. I liked that and then went a framed it badly in a thin blue frame. I have that painting in my office. I see it as a metaphor for my...

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