CDC is deeply committed to our evolution as human Beings. CDC Coaching offers the space, opportunity and safety to explore crossroads, interrogate belief systems and discover different perspectives to well-worn problems. A place to be supported and challenged but mostly listened to.


Coaching as a learning partnership

Coaching is essentially a learning partnership. It involves engaging in deep conversations that seek to reconnect the coachee with his/her unique personal and professional talents while overcoming limiting beliefs. The coachee is guided to reflect on real experiences and explore the inner realm of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values. Active learning involves being open to self-discovery while experimenting with new behaviours.

“Because our days and nights are tightening. Change engorges our organisations; fear constricts our vision. Because in the out-of-control world, it is time for people to think.”
Nancy Kline

Coaching is a one on one personal, management or leadership development process that focuses on the specific needs of the individual and the business. It is outcomes based and aims for clearer self-awareness, enhanced performance, successful relationship management, more effective leadership or managerial capacity and greater wellbeing. It is particularly effective for those going through a work or life transition; dealing with, or being groomed for, promotion and additional responsibilities; dealing with the stresses of an increasingly complex business and social environment and the need to accelerate management or leadership development in the face of increasing competition for scarce skills. Sustained, visible behaviour change is a measure of success.

Confidentiality is paramount in the coaching relationship. Nothing, nowhere, never. Chantal is bound by the ethics and codes of conduct of the coaching profession and as such cannot and will not disclose any issues discussed during coaching session unless specific permission is given.

Coaching is not

Therapy or counselling

Although coaching may be therapeutic it is not therapy or counselling which attends to the healing of hurts and bringing resolution to personal pain.


Consulting typically involves using one’s expertise to problem solve and offer solutions to bring about change. It is often advice driven and involves telling the client what to do.

Chantal Dawtrey is a credentialed member of COMENSA (Coach and Mentors Association of South Africa) and subscribes to their Code of Ethics including attending supervision on a monthly basis as well as ensuring that she engages in regular continued professional development.

Business Coaching – the process

Chantal Dawtrey has over 1000 hours of coaching experience in a wide variety of businesses and industries. Much of the corporate coaching is undertaken through several associations. However, when working directly with the business, Chantal engages with the organisation to clearly understand what the objectives and required outcomes may be for the coaching programme. Typical questions asked are:

  • What are the needs of the individual client versus those of the organisation?
  • What are the organisational goals for the programme?
  • What will be better as a result of coaching?
  • How will we know? And what difference will it make?
  • How will we measure success, effectiveness and value for money?

Depending on the organisation’s needs, team or group coaching, individual coaching or a combination of both will be suggested. Once the organisation has agreed to contract with CDC, the communication strategy is implemented. This needs to be transparent and open, to ensure effective buy-in and commitment from all stakeholders. The programme is formally introduced to all participants as a group.

“One of the reasons why business coaching has become increasingly popular is because organisations understand the importance of getting the best out of talented people.”
Sunny Stout-Rostron

Individual coaching programmes usually cover 8-12 coaching sessions of an hour to an hour and a half in length with two formal feedback sessions to the sponsor after session 4 and 8. The sponsor is either the person from the organisation responsible for overseeing the coaching programme or who the coachee reports to. Any feedback sessions include the coachee to maintain the integrity of the process. Ideally the coaching sessions take place away from the organisation, however, this is not always feasible and this is discussed and agreed to upfront with the organisation. Skype coaching has also proven to be very successful for companies with a national footprint.

Group and team coaching is a cost effective alternative for pressing management or team building requirements. Enhanced communication and interpersonal skills break silo behaviour, address diversity issues in an open and safe manner and lead to rapid mature team integration.

Roles and responsibilities*

The coach should:

  • Facilitate a coaching process to assist the coachee in achieving his/her desired outcomes.
  • Develop rapport and a trusting relationship.
  • Provide the coachee with support and encouragement.
  • Provide the coachee with a safe yet challenging learning environment.
  • Give constructive feedback.
  • Be flexible in adjusting the coaching process to meet learning preferences and real-time issues in the workplace and/or personal life.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the coaching process in partnership with the coachee and/or the sponsor.

The coachee should:

  • Take ownership and responsibility for his/her learning.
  • Be open and honest.
  • Be receptive to feedback from the coach.
  • Implement learning from the coaching in the work context and/or personal life to make changes.
  • Prepare for coaching session.
  • Give the coach constructive feedback.

*Abbott, P & Bennett, K: A Guide for Coachees – How to optimise your personal coaching journey. 2011. Knowres Publishing, Randburg.


Eugene V Financial Company Coaching January 16, 2017

The skills I learnt while being coached by Chantal and the development I have gone through have been essential to my success in my current business. With her help, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself and my team.

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